Hard Drive Recovery

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HGST / Hitachi Data Recovery Services

Hitachi is a hard drive manufacturer which produces IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS hard drives. The various hard drive architectures such as the Ultrastar, Deskstar and Travelstar have been popular in the enterprise as well as in Laptops and external hard drive enclosures. In 2003 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies acquired IBM’s hard drive division and merged the 2 technologies to produce what are now the modern Hitachi hard drives. On March 8th 2012, Western Digital acquired Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

Our Data Recovery Engineers have a vast amount of experience recovering data from damaged and malfunctioning Hitachi hard drives. These drives have firmware microcode stored in a read only memory (rom) chip. In addition they store configuration data in NV-RAM and in a special repository on the hard drives platters. Specialized equipment is required to access and modify this information.

Hitachi hard drives, can suffer from damaged circuit board components, firmware and service area corruptions as well as damaged read/write heads which often cause the infamous clicking noise.

Our team has collected a large library of Hitachi hard drives as part of our inventory and are quickly able to assist with your Hitachi data recovery needs.

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Samsung Data Recovery Services

Samsung is a South Korean company that had a large present in the hard drive manufacturing market until its hard drive division was acquired in 2011 by Seagate Technologies. Its most popular drive type was the SpinPoint Series, which is an architecture that still can be found in various consumer and business systems.

As all hard drives have been subject to different types of failures, Samsung hard drives have not been excluded. If your Samsung hard drive failed and is in need for data recovery, it could be due to one of the following symptoms.

If you have a Samsung hard drive that has malfunctioned and data retrieval is required, contact us immediately as our team of data recovery experts possess a very detailed understanding of the architectures and inner workings of Samsung hard drives.

Samsung SpinPoint hard drives frequently experience damage to the printed circuit board (PCB).
These drives can be very vulnerable to overheating and power surges.
They can also suffer from firmware problems. If part of firmware or service area becomes corrupted
or unreadable, the drive fails to initialize correctly and data can no longer be accessed.
An unusual clicking noise is often due to a mechanical failure of the read/write heads of the head stack assembly.

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Seagate Data Recovery Services

Seagate is an American founded data storage company which was originally incorporated as Shugart Technology in 1978. Today Seagate is one of the major hard drive manufacturing companies. Through it’s accusations of Maxtor and Samsung, Seagate has positioned itself as a leader in consumer and enterprise data storage solutions. It has manufactured IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS hard drives.
In 2008 Seagate drastically re-designed its SATA hard drive architectures from the previous Barracuda drives to a new F3 architecture that contained a greatly revised micro architecture similar to the one used in it’s SCSI hard drive architecture.

Our Data Recovery Engineers has extensive experience recovering data from failed Seagate hard drives. Regardless if you have an older Barracuda architecture, a new generation F3 architecture, a Cheetah SCSI drive or SAS architectures, we have the experience and technology to assist you with both simple and complex recovery cases.

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Toshiba Data Recovery Services

Toshiba Corporation is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. Many other vendors have relied on Toshiba technology, and in recent years, Toshiba has branched out into desktop hard drives, portable and external hard drives, solid-state drives, cloud services and other emerging markets.

Although Toshiba storage devices are reliable, all storage devices can fail. Data Analyzers Recovery Division provides Toshiba users with a reliable set of disaster recovery solutions. We will never void your active warranties by providing our services, and our overall success rate is well over 90 percent.

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Westerm Digital Data Recovery Services

Western Digital is an American computer storage company and one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world. Western Digital has been manufacturing hard drives since the late 1980’s and is one of the most dominant hard drive manufacturers today. The have manufactured IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS drives and have a large market share in both enterprise and consumer hard drive markets.
Modern Western Digital hard drives, use a Marvel MCU or Processor to control the hard drives functionality and behavior. This Marvel MCU is the core of the Printed circuit board (PCB) for Western digital hard drives.

Our Data Recovery engineers have been recovering data from Western Digital hard drives for over a decade and have developed many specialized and proprietary solutions to recover data from specific malfunctions that occur on Western Digital hard drive architectures.

If you are experiencing failure symptoms to your hard drive, contact us for assistance.

Surface scan of a Western Digital WD3200AAJS 320GB SATA hard drive. This drive while functional has delayed sectors throughout the platter surfaces.

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